Did You Know That Champagne Comes From Three Different Grapes?

Champagne has always been a way to celebrate or toast the bride and groom in marriage. Seen to be a flexible drink, Champagne can be with a meal or dessert.

Champagne hails from the vineyards of the French regions. If you buy a bottle and it says champagne on the bottle it's most likely that it was made from France's vineyards. If you didn't get the champagne that is so legendary to the regions of France, you pretty much just wasted your money on sparkling wine. You should also make sure when you buy a bottle of champagne that it is spelled with a capital C. French manufacturers are very protective of this name and are the only ones that are allowed to use the name Champagne on bottles.

Champagne is made from three different types of grapes - Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. Noir and Meunier are a type of black grape, while the well known Chardonnay is a type of white grape. The label on the bottle on which it is placed is where you will see what kind of it is, so you will know which flavor to expect to taste. There are many types wine that have a blend of different grapes.

Like sparkling wine, champagne is used for celebrations and what not. Even though it is thought to be a sparkling wine it is not it is its own type of drink. You have to be careful where you purchase it though, as a lot of producers like to use cheaper grape, which never taste the same. If you had ever tasted this wine before you will know quality.

Many people prefer champagne over wine because of the bubbles that are produced when uncorked. The bubbles that are made from this are from a liquid known as carbonic acid gas which is produced when the drink is disturbed. After the drink is disturbed, the bubbles form and shoot out of the bottle in a quick manner. This only happens with a bottle of champagne known as double fermentation.

The next time you have a celebration, you should go buy a bottle of Champagne. Few things come near a fine bottle of the bubbly spirit and the bursting bubbles that shoot out when uncorked. You can discover quality champagne at local liquor stores. Even though it may cost you a small fortune its well worth it for the distinct taste and the bubbles. There is nothing else like opening a fine bottle of this high quality sparkling wine and spewing the bubbles over everyone and everything.

It is just quite the party drink to be had with a fine celebration. Remember that it should always be capitalized on the bottle or it's not real champagne just a mere sparkling wine which was most likely made from a cheap grape. So for your next big day like a wedding or birthday go get a bottle of champagne and celebrate with all the bubbles going everywhere on everyone.


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